Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Eats!!

Great parties must have great eats!!

We Will Be Serving Grub Sushi

Centipede Rice Cakes

Scorpion Muffins

Baby Rat Wrapped in Banana Leaf


Fruit with Crunchy Ants

And For Dessert

Scorpion Pops

Or Grub Pops


 Newborn Mice Cakes!


This Party is going to be so Delicious!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Decorations

We will be needing the following decorations to make this party 
the party to end all parties!!

This will be sooo Spooky!!

First, We need some Ghost Decorations!!

Then a Scary Troll to Stake Outside the Den!

And a Spooky Spider to Hang from a Tree!!

A Terrifying Three Headed Dogs from Hades!!

A Scary Tough Guy

And A Screechy Halloween Cat!!


Bring me all those things at once!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Next on the list----Costumes!!

I need your vote for my Halloween Costume!

Do I go as Fun Loving, Lovable Me?

Or Maybe a Great Wizard?

Or Super Hero

Or something that Depicts My Great Intellect

Or I could Depict My Great Emperor Self

Or as a Great Warrior

Or I could go as Nutello!!

So many good Ideas to choose from----what do you think?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Working on my Pumpkin Carving Skills!

Every Great Halloween Party 
should have LOTS of Scary Pumpkins!


I had to get one of the Kits to help me reach the first pumpkin.

Who knew they grew so high up in trees?!!

Uh...a little help here??

Where did those rotten kits go??!!

Oh! There they are, working on their own pumpkin!

Chips off the ole block!!

Back to Work!

Almost done....

Ta Da!!

 Scary, right?!!

Let's see how the Kits are doing

oh, no! no! no!

That doesn't look right at all!

Stupid Kits!

Monday, October 14, 2013

You Know What We Need??

A Party!!

Let's Plan a Rockin' Halloween Party!!

Skittles!  You are in charge of organization

Milne!  You are in charge of Invitations!

Huntress!  You are in charge of Security!

Tater!  You will be the bouncer if any guest gets unruly!

Umbrello!  You are in charge of making my Grand Entrance!
(won't all the guests be impressed when I fly in on a night furry!!)

Wolfward!  You will be my Master Of Ceremonies!
I expect at least 5 Shape Shifting Changes during your Presentations!

TastyKake---here is your chance to impress me and become 
a full fledged Minion!  (rather than a krispy treat!)
You are in charge of Entertainment!

Newbie #1:  You are in charge of Decorations!

Newbie # 2:  You are in charge of Music!
(Take note--I like Motown!)

Newbie # 3: You are in charge of candies

Anonsi!  You are in charge of......wait!  Says here you are on the PEL* !
What say you?  What do you offer to me to return to Minion status?

Cookie!  If you want to make your comeback, then impress me with a delightful Menu submission!

Each of you have One Week to report back to me your plans
to succeed in your mission!  

IF you fail-----well--then you will be placed on the PEL * !!!

Now Get to Work!!!

* PEL = Possible Elimination List