Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr. Gold

Let's Go In

I feel lucky with this one!!


"May I Help You?"

We are Looking for a Lamp

"I have lots of lamps.  Perhaps this one?"


***Walks Closer***

Uh, No

Not the electric one.

**Picks up Brass Oil Lamp**

How about this Lamp?

**Mr. Gold takes out of Tiggerpaka's paws**

"Oh no no, Dearie.  You don't want this old thing"

Yes!!  Yes I do!!

"No, Dearie, this lamp is dangerous"

"You do not understand of what it is capable."

"I do not wish to see you hurt."

Did you just say.......


"That's right, Dearie"

Mr. Gold.  I do understand.

And I MUST have that Lamp!

How much do you want for it?

"Ah.  Yes, I see that you do."

"Perhaps we can 

Make a Deal"

The Quest Begins

Today we begin our quest

for the 


I will begin my Reconnaissance of local Lamp Shops

I was Advised the Lamps Must be

Really Really Old

So we need to go to Antique Stores

A store on wheels??

***Opens door and steps inside***

***Slams door and comes out terrified***

These were the only Lamps they were selling!!!


I think that was my Uncle George and Auntie June!

***Runs screaming away***

***Gets to town, Stops running***

Ok, let's try this place:

***Slams door and comes out terrified***

This is the only Lamps they were selling!!!

***Runs screaming away***

***Arrives in next Town***

That's It!

I'm done with Antiques!

Let's try Pawn Shops

Here's one:

***Slams Door Shut***

***throws up***

ugly lamps

ugly lamps everywhere

That's It!!

I Quit!!

****Stomps down the street angrily***

***Something Catches His Attention**


This one looks promising!

Hope I get a good Deal!

In Search of The Mighty DINGE!

According to my new Intelligence Officer:


(Sorry Nutello---you've been nothing but a disappointment,
 you are demoted to Basic Minion)

We are now to begin a Quest

 in search of




What are the DINGE you ask?

Why, they are magical creatures that will grant me 3 wishes.

And according to my new Intelligence Officer, Huntress

they live in old lamps that have sticky stuff that hold the

DINGE inside of them

And we will collect said lamps 

and from the information from my new Intelligence Officer, Huntress

We will toss the lamps into a great Fire

and smoke them out!

Then they will be under MY control and

I will rule the world!!!!