Monday, October 14, 2013

You Know What We Need??

A Party!!

Let's Plan a Rockin' Halloween Party!!

Skittles!  You are in charge of organization

Milne!  You are in charge of Invitations!

Huntress!  You are in charge of Security!

Tater!  You will be the bouncer if any guest gets unruly!

Umbrello!  You are in charge of making my Grand Entrance!
(won't all the guests be impressed when I fly in on a night furry!!)

Wolfward!  You will be my Master Of Ceremonies!
I expect at least 5 Shape Shifting Changes during your Presentations!

TastyKake---here is your chance to impress me and become 
a full fledged Minion!  (rather than a krispy treat!)
You are in charge of Entertainment!

Newbie #1:  You are in charge of Decorations!

Newbie # 2:  You are in charge of Music!
(Take note--I like Motown!)

Newbie # 3: You are in charge of candies

Anonsi!  You are in charge of......wait!  Says here you are on the PEL* !
What say you?  What do you offer to me to return to Minion status?

Cookie!  If you want to make your comeback, then impress me with a delightful Menu submission!

Each of you have One Week to report back to me your plans
to succeed in your mission!  

IF you fail-----well--then you will be placed on the PEL * !!!

Now Get to Work!!!

* PEL = Possible Elimination List


  1. Uh, it's Fury, and yes sir!
    I think you should adorn yourself with clothes that will really catch the guests' eyes! I'll work on some Plasma fireworks that I can release when we enter :D

    1. Skittles!! Dictionary Now!
      **flips pages**
      See! Right There! F-U-R-R-Y ! It means you are a fuzzy dragon.
      **Tosses book aside and strolls away**

    2. BTW---when do I NOT look fabulous?? and yes, plasma fireworks would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I meant more fabulous!

      Uh, I have scales o_o

    4. SCALES?!? No, No, that will not do! All my Night Furrys must be FURRY! Go work on that NOW!

      ugh! The stress! Helga! Draw me a bath! And don't forget my rubber ducky!

    5. Sir, 'fury' means rage and anger. Fury, means that I can annihilate your enemies much quicker!

    6. Are you still here? You were ordered to get FURRY! I still see scales on you, Minion! Unacceptable! Go grow some fur!

    7. **mutters to self: how can I ride a scaley thing? I'll chaffe! and it gets cold up there in the night sky**

    8. Dragon scales are actually smooth, sir, and they generate heat. If you want, I can fit you with a saddle, but if it's still no, I'll go look for some fur.
      *Runs off*

  2. I will ge my books of portals and figure out how to have certian people not fall though it.It will be though though

    1. I think you should burn that book, minion! I heard tale of your portal mis-adventures when you came after me in the carribean

  3. Yes sir! It will be my pleasure to make some candies for your guests! Who will you be inviting? I can try to find out what they like so we can have an even better party!

    Here's a Peanut butter filled grub, covered in caramel! I call it....

    I'm out of ideas.. Well, whatever!

    1. Guests??? Who said anything about candy for the guests?
      **pops PB-Caramel grub into mouth and speaks muffle-ley**
      Youff Got a wot to wearn, Min-yun!

    2. Yes sir.. -head droops-

      Can I wear my halloween costume? Or my combat costume!?

      -puts on blue armor-

    3. Both, Minion! We never know when we may have to engage the enemy!

  4. Green and brown invitations with alternating pumpkin, candy and grub border?

    1. can you make them light up?

      and then self destruct? We don't want them falling into the hands of our enemies!

  5. Sir, I have organized the party space we shall be using. It is a large space with several grub-juice fountains in honour of you, sir. It is a little bit like a mansion, but better. There are several statues in honour of you, and the only one Greater then Tiggerpaka the Great, constructed of marble and gold. Sir, I hope you like it!


  6. Sir, I have set a party area, it is a very large area that is a bit like a mansion-- but better. It has grub-juice pouring fountains, statues constructed of marble and gold in honour of you, and the only one greater then you (Christ). It has swimming pools that I have ordered to be filled with orange and black water in honour of Hallowe'en. If the guests get cold I have also prepared a few hot steam areas, of course with orange and black steam. Sir, I hope you like it!


    1. Good Work Skittles!! I see a promotion in your future!!

      **eyes nutello and gives the "I'm watching you" gesture)


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