Friday, March 6, 2015

Operation Hostage Rescue: Phase I

Our Hostage has not Returned 

In the Allotted Time Frame

He is late by about

52 hours

Huntress believes he may be Lost

She's wrong, of course

How can our Hostage be lost in his own Home Town?

No, something else is going on.

Something Dishonest and Deceitful

Image result for disney's timon studying

I smell Betrayal, Minions!

And there can only be ONE Explanation!

Image result for disney's timon studying

Our Hostage has been Kidnapped by his Mom

The Evil Queen!

How Evil can you be to do that to your own Son?!

So here is the New Plan!

We storm the Evil Queen's Castle!!

We rescue our Hostage!!

And Free my Dinge!!

So Suit up Minions!

Grab your weapons!

Prepare to Destroy Storybrooke!!


  1. that's probably not going to work sir...just sayin

    1. Nothing can stop the power of BAZOOKA, Greatshot, nothing.... *runs around maniacally shooting mini missiles in to the air*

    2. **whispers in Nutello's ear**

      Do you have a leash for Huntress?

  2. *grabs needles and syringes* YES! IT IS TIME TO FEAST! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. **whispers again to Nutello**

      make that 2 leashes

  3. Or the boy tricked you to let him go.

  4. sir the dragon army is unavailable right now, though the baby dragon army is the only team i can send right now


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