Saturday, February 28, 2015

Operation Creature Feature Phase 1.5

Image result for funny collapsed hideout

**Digs out of Rubble**


You may never touch another bazooka or bomb ever again!

Ok, Now Minions!

Gather 'Round!

We have a Ransom Note!

I need a volunteer to take the note to the Evil Queen!

That will be you, Draco and Umbrello!!

Now Remember!

She may be tiny, cute and greenish

But don't be fooled!  She is a fierce monster!!

Especially when she takes this form:

Image result for disney's timon dusts himself off



Huntress!  You clean up this mess!

Nutello!  You rebuild HQ

and.....Who's the Newbie??


You watch the Hosta----

Image result for smashed wooden chair

Where'd he Go?



Sunday, February 22, 2015

Operation Creature Feature: Phase I

***Group emerges from Portal and find selves at HQ Emerging from Oven***

Image result for disney's timon shakes his fist

Glad the oven wasn't on!


Gather round now Minions!

We have a new plan!

We have have this creature 

Image result for hide under blanket

that I hear is dear to the Evil Queen


Image result for disney's timon smirks
I made a rhyme.

We will trade it for the Mirror holding the Dinge!

But first we must write a Ransom note!

Nutello---you're in charge of that.

Be sure we sound super scary and intimidating!

Maybe include a picture or two.

**Pulls Draco and Umbrello together**

Here--get a picture of them!


Good.   Now get a picture of  Huntress!



Where is that blasted flying fox??

"Did somebody say blast??"


Image result for fireball explosion in jungle

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mission Mirror Mirror Phase II

Ok Minions!

So we are breaking into this House of Mayor

the old fashion way.....

Image result for ninja meerkat

No way am I coming through another toilet!

Stand Back!


Image result for house half blown up


We're In!!

Now  Fan out and look for that Mirror Minions!!



"Who are you guys?"

Image result for henry in his house storybrooke

"What Fairy Tale are you from? 

 I don't remember reading about----"

***Loud Commotion and Chaos ****

Image result for cloud of dust from a fight

Who is this Minions??!!

Image result for kidnapped tied to chair black hood

And what should we do with him??!!

How should we dispose of him???


Image result for night fury toothless in a house

Stand Guard over this creature while I figure out what to do


Image result for ninja wolf

I need a full Intelligence report---NOW!


Image result for anime winged fox

Prepare a portal through which to dispose his body!



Put down those apples!

Now is NOT the time to Eat!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mission Mirror Mirror: Phase I

Under my awe inspiring command

Draco and his Dragons

Created chaos in Downtown Storybrooke!

Image result for dragon attacks town

The simple minded towns people gathered in the streets 

wondering what was going on.

Image result for panic in storybrooke

Huntress conjured her Portal

To Tinker Bell's Kitchen

Image result for magic portal in toilet

Well---she came close enough

And She grabbed the Magic Mirror!

Image result for tinkerbell hand mirror

But claimed it was too small to Hold a Mighty Dinge!

Nutello suggested Huntress look in the Mayor's Home

Image result for regina's house storybrooke

And I deduced a Brilliant idea!

Image result for disney's timon

Obviously a Dinge Mirror is too valuable

for that Evil Queen to keep in her own House!

So she hid it in the home of the loveliest , sweetest,

Dare I say

Image result for disney's timon

Fairest of them all!!

My Dear Sweet

Image result for regina with apple of storybrooke


I wonder if there are grubs in that apple?

It looks sooooo delicious!!