Saturday, April 18, 2015

This is the End: Let the Credits Roll

Helga is keeping me on a short leash these days.


I trust you faithful minions to carry on our great mission

of World Domination.


Nutello:  My Simple Minded Intelligence Officer

Keep up my HQ while I'm gone.

Huntress:  Keep up your Portal Practice

And stay away from Bazookas

Umbrello:    I will miss our secret flights

Fly high, my Night Fury, Fly high.

Draco:  I see big flames in your future my dear minion

Keep those armies strong!

Playdo:  Wait----

I think that's the best you've ever looked!

Image result for meerkat with gas mask

(you still scare me, tho)


I will miss you all!!!! 



Hey, Guys!

It's me, Nutello

Here are some secret photos I took using my Go Pro

They are NOT Tiggerpaka Approved!!

(Hee!!  Hee!!)

Captain Tiggerpaka's instructs minions on his plans for taking over the World

Behind the scenes catering by Grub-Fil-A

Image result for timon and pumbaa animated series

Tiggerpaka dressed casual to Blend in with the folks in Storybrooke

Tiggerpaka meets the Evil Queen

Image result for timon and pumbaa animated series

Tiggerpaka finds a Dinge in a Strangely Shaped Lamp

Tiggerpaka Captures a Powerful Dinge

Tiggerpaka practicing Magic given to him by his Dinge

Image result for funny timon

Huntress Stuck in a Portal as Opponents Attack in Hungry Games

Tiggerpaka entertaining the troops on his USO tour in Meerkakistan

Image result for timon meerkat

Tiggerpaka incognito during Hungry Games

Image result for timon meerkat

Random Silly Face

Image result for timon and pumbaa animated series

Tiggerpaka easily removing Grubs from Log

Image result for timon meerkat

Tiggerpaka finds a baby Bird

Image result for disney's timon crossover

Opponent photo bombs Tiggerpaka

Image result for timon and pumbaa animated series

Helga and Tiggerpaka share a quiet moment alone


  1. We'll miss you too Tiggerpaka *tries to hide laughter from the un approved photos by making it sound like sniffling*

    1. WAHHHHH I am so sad though I am going to miss this :( I don't wanna have this as the end

  2. it was fun, sir. best of luck to you. (with that wife of yours you're gonna need it)

  3. NO! We must go on a rescue mission! Nutello you lead the way! You know where he lives because you stalk him right!?

  4. We must free him ASAP and good luck to you, tiggerpaka

  5. My Faithful Little Minions! It does my supremely awesome heart good to hear your well wishes! But I see you with your simple minds are lost without my supremely awesome leadership skills to guide you!

    But before I can continue my mission to conquer this world and all the worlds beyond, I must tend to things at home. Helga cannot function without me and the kits are out of control (They get their hardheadedness from HER side of the family, you know!) So I have very important work to do here and then-----


    uh---yes dear?

    "I told you to take out that trash! Then the yard needs mowing and after that take the kits to their music lessons! Dinner is at 6, don't be late!"

    **groans, picks up bag of smelly trash and drags it out of den**


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