Monday, September 30, 2013


I will now accept applications for authorship
for the new and improved TFEOBB2.

This newest blog will chronicle our exploits as we
hunt down and destroy


Last seen on the Pirate Ship:  The Black Hurl

SO if you have always dreamed of writing about ME

Now your dreams can come true!

Comment below regarding why I should even consider you as an author
and how you will glorify my triumphs over the evil Scoobeedoo!

Send your email address to

Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome to My New and Improved Empire!!

And Welcome those of you who made the cut to my New Minion List!

And those who didn't.......perhaps you should try a bit harder
and leave more grubs in the bowl!

Now that we are alone in a Secure Blog
Away from Scoobeedoo and her hypno-goggles

Let's discuss My Amazing Plans for My Amazing New Empire!

First!  We will be building a New HQ!!

In a New Super Secret Location!

**Looks Left, Looks Right**


Follow Me!

**Leads minions out of old HQ, looks left and right again,

moves 10 meerkat paces (about 3 feet) to another burrow**


And here it Is!

As Soon as Nutello builds it, that is!!

And Next We shall Begin a New Story Blog
Regarding the successes of our Campaign to
Defeat Scoobeedoo!!

It shall be known as:


("Tiggerkat's Fabulous Exceptional Omnipotent Blog" Blog 2)

I will  begin accepting your groveling applications for authorship now.

Further Instructions Shall Follow.

Tiggerpaka the Great and Powerful
Signing off