Monday, February 24, 2014

A Word From Tiggerpaka's Sponsor

While Tiggerpaka is off conquering new worlds, 
he will be taking a break from blogging
 so that his sponsor can concentrate on a new blog:  

I am sure if you post comments, The Great TP will reply 

Also,  you can see him in action on Great Shot's blog:  

I know some of you enjoy story writing

 and if you want to write something with character sign ups 

and if you send a message to TP about it

I know he would love to sign up!

After all, every story needs a hero,

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Just contact him by posting a comment on any post


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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Journal Entry # 38

I have befriended these idiotic alien creatures



Adore me!

They think I am a god


They have made me

Leader of their kind!

They sing my praises

And Dance my praises

They are in constant awe when I share with them 

my great feats of bravery from back home!

And they even erected a giant statue of me as tribute!

And we are not alone.

Humans have already colonized Mars!

And they seem to worship these alien creatures

They are always leaving them food!

Really Good Food Too!!

Those Martian Grubs are HUGE!!!

So as the humans worship the aliens...

And as the aliens worship me...

Then the Humans are actually worshiping

ME !

And Finally!

I am Emperor of the World!!!



I ain't never  going back!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Journal Entry #32

My first report from Mars!  

That's right!  I made it!   

The launch was a bit tricky, and the landing a bit rough,

 but here I am!  

The first Meerkat on Mars!!

And there is an abundance of Alien Life!!

**puts hand to side of mouth and whispers***---

Boy are they ugly!     And stupid too!

**glances at the aliens and then whispers again**

And yet somehow familiar...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Journal Entry #29

Well my Minions, I must say farewell!

It is launch time!

My mentors left my rocket at my door step last night

Along with my launch pad

So I am suited up and ready to make history!

I leave you in charge of HQ!

I leave you in charge of Mistakaroo!

As soon as my mentors open up mars to dragons I will send for you!

Be sure to include this in my memoirs!!

Where's my autobiography?!!
Nevermind--just ship it up to mars when you finish

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Journal Entry #23

My mentors are preparing me well!

This week they tested my abilities in the category of

 "Flight or Fright".



They prepared me for the possibility of Alien Attack 

through a  Simulation 

with Fake Aliens.

Late at night

I could hear their approach.

I was prepared to protect my Simulated Martian Encampment!!

I immediately went into battle mode!

I think I exceeded all expectations...

And I rushed outside the Encampment

And went full Warrior on those Aliens!!

Wow!  Did they scatter in total fear!!

I am totally Acing this Training Program!!