Sunday, March 29, 2015

The End is Near!

Two Weeks in these blasted Tunnels!

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I am beginning to think Nutello has us lost!!

"Tiggerpaka, Sir!!  I found something!"

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"Its a button!"

Careful, Huntress, it could be a Traaa..

"Let's Push it!"

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**Machinery Noise and Whirls**

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**The floor lifts Tiggerpaka and Minions upwards**

**The Ceiling gives way to Bright Sunlight**


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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Operation: This is turning into One Big MESS!!!

What are all you guys doing here?

My interrogations were going fine!

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I had everything under control!

**Sirens wailing in background**

**Tiggerpaka and minions jump out back window**

**Umbrello carries everyone to edge of town**

Ok,  Minions!

I think the only way for this to work is for us to go into Stealth Mode!

**Looks around**

Well, well!  What do I see over there!

**Group looks at entrance to a mine shaft**

Could it be a tunnel to the Evil Queen's HQ?

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**Before any minion can answer, TP scurries into the mine**

Well this place is nice and homey!

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Nice dirt walls, root ceiling........

**Hears noise up ahead**

What's that!?!

Perhaps the Evil Queen?
Maybe I have found my Henry Hostage!

**Peers around Rocks**

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Evil Queen Minions!

Goofy looking guys---probably not very intelli----

"Hey guys!  Lookie over here!"

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**Dwarf picks Tiggerpaka up by the scruff of his neck**
(this causes temporary paralysis and TP can't speak)

"Kinda cute!  Wonder what he could be?   Any ideas, Doc?"

Image result for doc mining once upon a time

"Let me take a closer look----a weasel perhaps?"

**TP glares angrily**

"Achhooo!   Whatever it is, I think I'm allergic!  Achoo!"

"How could you ever tell, Sneezy?  You sneeze at everything!"

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"Duh....I think it might be a kitty cat!"

"Dopey, you dope!  That's not a cat!  Its a weasel!"

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"Can we take him home and keep him?"

**TP is wide eyed now**

"I don't know, Happy.  I'm not sure its a good idea"

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"Hey guys----someone else is coming---maybe they own this cute little guy"

**Playdo enters**

**Releases green gas---all the dwarves fall asleep**

**TP is dropped to the floor, he stands up and brushes himself off**

Good work, Minion!

Get the others and lets go deeper into this mine

The Evil Queen is close!!

Look At ME by Impano

I can smell her!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Operation Hostage Rescue Phase II . 5. 5

"Where's he going?"

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***Minions watch Tiggerpaka disappear in a cloud of dust***


**Door Slams shut, a panting Tiggerpaka leans against it**

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"Well hello there, friend!"

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**Brushes self off and acts calm and cool**


Name and Rank, Minion!!

"Oh, uh, I'm Doctor Hopper"

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"Well, psychiatrist actually"

A head shrinker??!!

What do you want with me?  

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I'm not crazy!

"Uh, um, well, sir, you, ah, came to me"

**Hops up on Leather couch and lays back**

Well, go ahead, shrink me!

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I suppose you want me to tell you all about my mother

"Well, let's just start with your name and where you are from"
"I don't recall seeing you in the Enchanted Forest"

Enchanted Forest??

I am Tiggerpaka the Great

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Lord and Master of the Universe!

"Ah, I see" 

**Dr,. Hopper takes out pen and note pad and starts writing furiously**

Oh you see do you!

Well of course you do! 

My awesomeness is obvious to all!

**Mutters to self**
(except those stupid people in that diner)

"And what brings your Greatness to Storybrooke?"

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I am here to reclaim my hostage from the Evil Queen!

"Hostage?  Evil Queen?"

"What has Regina done now?"

"Do I need to call the police?"

No police!

Image result for timon

My minions and I can handle this!

"Your Minions?  Uh---are they hear with you now?  In this room?"

**Looks left and right, behind couch and under it**

Image result for timon

What are you crazy?  Umbrello alone couldn't fit in here!

"Umbrella?  An umbrella is your minion?  Interesting."

Image result for dr hopper takes notes

**makes more notes**

I have several minions!

Image result for timon

Scores of them if you count the ones on Mars!


Yes,  Mars!  Are you deaf?

Image result for timon

I am the first Meerkat on Mars

And I was accepted by the martians as their Emperor!

Begged, actually......

 "This is all very interesting!  Very, very interesting!"

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"Please, tell me about this hostage you are looking for?"

Well we first came to town looking for a lamp with a Dinge.

But Mr. Gold sold me a broken one!

So we decided to steal the Evil Queen's mirror

But instead got Hostage!

 We took Hostage back to HQ

and he was nice enough to offer to deliver the ransom note

for us to the Evil Queen because that's his mother.

"Henry?  You mean Henry is your hostage?!"

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Well I don't know that human's name, but sure, let's call him Henry.

Now, my minions and I have come for Henry

Huntress is chained up at the moment---because she goes a bit nuts with her Bazookas

And Draco has his Dragon Army

And Playdo---uh, he, uh---well let's just say he's crazy

And has a thing for ribs----human ribs!

**Dr. Hopper starts sweating nervously and reaches for the phone**

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"ah, uh, I see, sounds like a, uh, nice group of minions, yes"

**Laughs nervously then whispers into the phone**
(Sheriff?  I need you here asap---I think Henry's in danger)

So who ya calling?
Hey!   While your'e on the phone why don't' you call for some grub pizza?

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I'm starving!!

That food at Granny's is overrated, service is terrible too


The Back Story for Tiggerpaka and Jiminy Cricket

Disguised as a traveling Magician, Tiggerpaka of the Enchanted Forest

Dupes a cricket into being his stage partner

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In the Disappearing Cricket Act