Sunday, March 15, 2015

Operation: This is turning into One Big MESS!!!

What are all you guys doing here?

My interrogations were going fine!

Image result for angry timon

I had everything under control!

**Sirens wailing in background**

**Tiggerpaka and minions jump out back window**

**Umbrello carries everyone to edge of town**

Ok,  Minions!

I think the only way for this to work is for us to go into Stealth Mode!

**Looks around**

Well, well!  What do I see over there!

**Group looks at entrance to a mine shaft**

Could it be a tunnel to the Evil Queen's HQ?

Image result for timon the spy

**Before any minion can answer, TP scurries into the mine**

Well this place is nice and homey!

Image result for mine shaft

Nice dirt walls, root ceiling........

**Hears noise up ahead**

What's that!?!

Perhaps the Evil Queen?
Maybe I have found my Henry Hostage!

**Peers around Rocks**

Image result for dwarves mining once upon a time

Evil Queen Minions!

Goofy looking guys---probably not very intelli----

"Hey guys!  Lookie over here!"

Image result for grumpy mining once upon a time

**Dwarf picks Tiggerpaka up by the scruff of his neck**
(this causes temporary paralysis and TP can't speak)

"Kinda cute!  Wonder what he could be?   Any ideas, Doc?"

Image result for doc mining once upon a time

"Let me take a closer look----a weasel perhaps?"

**TP glares angrily**

"Achhooo!   Whatever it is, I think I'm allergic!  Achoo!"

"How could you ever tell, Sneezy?  You sneeze at everything!"

Image result for once upon a time dopey

"Duh....I think it might be a kitty cat!"

"Dopey, you dope!  That's not a cat!  Its a weasel!"

Image result for once upon a time happy

"Can we take him home and keep him?"

**TP is wide eyed now**

"I don't know, Happy.  I'm not sure its a good idea"

Image result for once upon a time dwarves

"Hey guys----someone else is coming---maybe they own this cute little guy"

**Playdo enters**

**Releases green gas---all the dwarves fall asleep**

**TP is dropped to the floor, he stands up and brushes himself off**

Good work, Minion!

Get the others and lets go deeper into this mine

The Evil Queen is close!!

Look At ME by Impano

I can smell her!


  1. well that was...interesting, to say the least.

  2. I think you might be smelling the gass plague doctor droped

  3. Venture forth! Destroy the evil queen! Destiny awaits us!

    1. **Raises one eye brow suspiciously and thinks: who IS this kid??**

      ppsst Plague Doctor do you think I can infuse some of that gas into one of my bombs?


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